Color Stories


By day, I’m a colorist for a children’s apparel company in the city.  I’m surrounded by color and pattern, making business decisions based on color matching and harmonizing.  Not a bad gig, but it can still feel like, well, a lot of work.  Ugh.

I figure that not being desensitized to color as an occupational hazard is a sign that I really do love it.  When I’m out of the office, my relationship with color is different.  Color in life is leisure and delight instead of labor and deadlines.  Structure falls away.  I’m stimulated by the color stories around me, absorbing them with a natural ease.  There’s connection and relativity.  You can take the same kind of energy and spirit from your favorite outfit and recreate it in the calm of your living room by echoing a similar palette.  Or find color inspiration in cityscapes and destinations that evoke the same feeling.

More posts on color to come.  There are stories to be told.

Start something

Today I decided to start something without knowing what it is.  I know what a blog is… but this blog?  I’m interested to find out what it will become.  But starting, of course, is the first step, and I’m excited to have at least done just that.


So, welcome to my blog!

I’m KB – SF Bay Area native, married, employed, in my thirties.  I’m just like you.  I like to laugh, I enjoy all kinds of food, the company of friends and family, etc.  I love that fitted sweatpants are in fashion.  I have big aspirations for my Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Audiobooks and Spotify queues. I’m still trying to figure out if lipstick looks any good on me.  I hope to someday be as outdoorsy as I am indoorsy.  I’m finally starting to feel like I dress my age.

I’m a regular creative, meaning that I have a unique point of view, but don’t actually produce very much by way of art.  I live to keep an open mind, I seek inspiration in my routine life, and I’m fueled by my curiosities in the common, little details of the daily.

This blog is a space for me to simply give life and momentum to what inspires me.  I don’t claim to have any artistic talents, nor am I a stellar writer, but I do have some entertaining thoughts.  It should be interesting, or, at least, fun.  And that’s reason enough for me.

The blog starts here… normal musings of a regular creative… enjoy!