Color Stories


By day, I’m a colorist for a children’s apparel company in the city.  I’m surrounded by color and pattern, making business decisions based on color matching and harmonizing.  Not a bad gig, but it can still feel like, well, a lot of work.  Ugh.

I figure that not being desensitized to color as an occupational hazard is a sign that I really do love it.  When I’m out of the office, my relationship with color is different.  Color in life is leisure and delight instead of labor and deadlines.  Structure falls away.  I’m stimulated by the color stories around me, absorbing them with a natural ease.  There’s connection and relativity.  You can take the same kind of energy and spirit from your favorite outfit and recreate it in the calm of your living room by echoing a similar palette.  Or find color inspiration in cityscapes and destinations that evoke the same feeling.

More posts on color to come.  There are stories to be told.

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