Working for the Weekend: Comfies at the Office

There’s nothing I look more forward to during the work week than getting back to Weekend KB — me on the weekend!  Comfortable with myself, confident in who I am at home with my husband, hanging out with my friends, and feeling free from workplace and public scrutiny.  Sure, there’s plenty to enjoy about the week, but nothing beats that feeling.  Strangely, and hilariously enough, being able to wear sweatpants at work has helped see me through to the weekend.

I understand the initial concern with sweatpants becoming a fashion trend.  What – did we all just give up?  Is the easy-access elastic waistband no longer a thing that makes others uneasy in public?  How are so many people wearing workout clothes and not working out?  Gross.  Classless… wait… hmm… comfortable!


… and these days (at least where I work) acceptable to wear at the office, like, in a professional setting.  This is amazing!  I feel like all day, every day at work, all I want is for it to be the weekend so I can just be at home in my comfies (what we call sweats in my house)!  It’s one step closer to Netflix and Chill!

Now, obviously, there are some rules.  You can’t just wear any sweat pants.  No, these aren’t the sweat pants you wore in high school gym class.  They’re not the kind that creepy guys on the bus wear.  The silhouette is cleaner, the fit is more flattering, and a variety of fabrications have come into play to elevate these bottoms, putting sweats, joggers, harem pants to casual, street chic.

Dressing up your comfies in order to not appear that you’re just wearing sweats is a fun little game.  It’s diversion, slight of hand, and illusion at its best!  Styling is key.  If you’re going to wear sweats at the top of the trend, you can easily outfit with a drape-y tucked in blouse and heels.  Heels!  Take advantage of the elastic at the bottom of the pant legs, take those cuffs up and show off those ankles!  That’s the fancy way.  The even more effortless way to pass these off as stylish is to ride the leisure vibe.  Go ahead, pair it with your favorite sneakers!  Take advantage of things like the waistline and tuck in a comfy v-neck tee for that sleek, high-waisted look.  Or just throw on a button down chambray or collared shirt.  Accessories add intention to the look: understated, but shiny metallic earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, maybe a little bling.  Sassy, cool sunnies for the face to add a little attitude and mystery.  Leather tote or hip backpack in tow.  “Yeah – I meant to look this cool.  And I’m hella comfortable, too.”

The rules aren’t hard to follow, and comfort is even less hard to achieve.  I’m all for the sweatpants trend, and I love that it puts me in a better position at work to feel more like myself – sometimes slouchy, but not sloppy.  Feeling like Weekend KB in the workplace allows for a very different kind of confidence.  The kind that reminds me of who I am – just a casual, hardworking, lovable, playful, smart, respectable, girl… and professional corporate employee!  Suckers.  Getting away with wearing sweats at work gives me an upper hand.  If I’m working for the weekend, I’m going to be comfortable doing it!  Added aces that I look and feel good, too!

How do you feel about the sweatpants trend?

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