‘Til there was Hugh


No need to admit that I love Hugh Grant. Don’t we all?  It’s kind of a given. In a recent podcast episode of Girl on Guy, it came up briefly in a conversation between Aisha Tyler and Chelsea Handler that there are only two English actors: Tom Hardy (we’ll save him for another post) and Hugh Grant.  Agreed and agreed!  How timely for me to hear this, especially as a non-sequitur comment, as there’s been a little Hugh Grant buzz in my life in the past week for some reason.  I feel like I’m being reminded of him in little ways lately; suddenly having the urge to watch “Notting Hill” my co-worker quoting something he said in an interview about “Dancing With The Stars” …  okay, maybe only those two things that have happened as reminders… but it’s enough to feel like I’m obsessed!  Is the universe trying to tell me something?  Does Hugh need me?

This isn’t news – Hugh Grant is a dream boat. I thought so when I was a child, and now, as an adult woman with… feelings, I look back on old rom-coms with fondness and confirmation.  Yes, he absolutely does something for me.  Not so much the witty, smirky, sometimes sleazy cad Hugh Grant (although I do enjoy when he’s witty – I still find myself charmed) from the Bridget Jones stuff and “About a Boy.”  No, I think my Hugh Grant is the lovelorn, hopeless, bumbling, floppy-haired version.  Before there was any idea that he would be the type of guy to solicit a prostitute, or be romantically involved with someone as obvious as Elizabeth Hurley.  The Hugh Grant that brings back feelings of being longed for by the poor guy who will always be in the friend-zone, except that you actually want him to get the girl, to win love in the end.  The William Thacker, or the Prime Minister, David from “Love Actually.”

Wait.  I think I answered my own question about why Hugh Grant has been on my mind.  Could it be the new Bridget Jones movie coming out?  Is the universe pulling a marketing ploy on me?  Am I a sucker for subliminal advertising?


Well, anyway, all I know is I do love Hugh Grant… at least, my Hugh Grant, that is…  to the ironic dismay of those genius subliminal advertisers… mine which has nothing to do with the Bridget Jones movies.  Let’s just chalk it up to say I’m having a moment.  That it is a universe thing, and absolutely not a Bridget Jones thing.  This is a me and Hugh Grant thing, and I’m enjoying it.  Even finding some inspiration from it, as evidenced in the cubicle decor I set up for my co-worker’s birthday.  Whether or not my co-worker actually likes Hugh Grant is a non-issue.


HBD cubicle bombing is my new creative outlet


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