Culture Club: English Grocery Cute-stuffs

Written during my trip to England over Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!

Ahoy from England! I’m visiting my sister and her husband in Cheltenham this week. Great to see how they live out here, and just spend some time hanging out, like we would back home.

My sister and I have traveled together a bit here and there, and one of the most fascinating things anywhere we go is the grocery store. It’s just a common, boring place to the people who live their every day here, but to me, it’s a wonderland of relatively “exotic” flavors and creative brand marketing.  Take a look!


Loving the color scheme for these Oat-ly products.  Totally branded out with a cool voice, including playful-but-stylish font, graphics and clever verbiage.


Honestly get a kick whenever anything is described as “proper” around here — which is a common claim!


Smart and simple design is also appreciated.  I would think that British sugar fancied itself refined, rather than granulated.
Aside from Heston products having handsome mascots, it also has some lovely-sounding ice cream flavors!

Maybe not the usual thing to write home about, but this kind of stuff is definitely note-worthy in my book.



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