Sketchy: Keeping up Creative Practice through the Holidays

It’s been rough finding time around the Holiday hoopla to slow down and keep creativity in the rhythm of things.  Life gets busy sometimes, and the holidays aren’t the only excuse I’ve run into.  Oy, it’s always something!  Carving out that time is a real challenge, but I try to give myself a break, taking baby steps if I can’t give it my all.  Fifteen minutes to a half hour is what I’ve been able to find here and there, and it’s not a huge chunk of time, but it’s better than nothing.  I sit down for those few minutes with my little notebook to put in some sketch practice.  Most times, I’m not even in a creative mindset, can’t even tap into my imagination or find any inspiration with my pen in hand.  Just another part of that challenge, I guess, and I can’t let that discourage me.

A draw-anything moment turned into a pretty satisfying rendering of the power lines outside my living room window.

Draw something, KB.  Anything!

The practice, while sporadic, has been important.  I’ve never really been great at drawing, and it’s not really my goal to be great.  It’s more been an exercise in recognizing my own hand.  The same way that I would know my own handwriting, I think I want to be able to see myself in the way I draw, and to take note of the choices naturally I make.  Do I get caught up in details?  Do I re-trace over my lines?  Am I being too judgmental of myself?  I learn how I deal with the absence of color when I just have one pen handy.  I notice the way I accept reality when I’m drawing an object, what defining characteristics of a particular object I think are enough to capture its totality.  I also try to let go of perfection, and just have fun.  This is difficult, but still worth the try.  Can’t let standards rule my creative space.

Color is definitely a game-changer!

The Wife (my bestie, Jessica) gifted me some colored pens as a just-because present a few weeks back, and I love them!  They’ve been a game-changer in my notebook scribblings and sketching.  It’s great to have the support of my favorite people in my endeavor to live creatively!  It’s certainly a comradely gesture for her (Jessica’s a Creative, too!) to take notice of my efforts and supply me with some tools.  Holler!  And may I just brag a little that it’s a 20-pack?  !De colores!

The pens helped me break through some of my holiday creative block, and realize that not all of the holiday stimulation has burnt me out creatively.  Lights, glitter, bows, wrapping… not to mention the bevy of foods at holiday celebrations!  Inspiration abounds!  How could I possibly have nothing to draw?  I just had to make sure to make the time for it…

How have the holidays inspired you?  Have you been able to keep to your creative projects and practices these past few weeks?   Hope the holidays were more of a joy than a headache.

Looking forward to more as the new year approaches.  Keep practicing!

Some holiday inspiration, after all!  There really ought to be more holidays where we gather around trees.




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