Hens in the House: QT w/ My Childhood Girl-Crew

I’ve got this group of girls I’ve know since I was just a little KB.  Somewhere between kindergarten and Freshman year of high school, the eight of us rolled into a little crew.  Every year around the holidays we try to get together.  Sometimes it’s the only time that year we see each other.  This past weekend, most were able to make it over to my house for some much needed girl-only QT. It’s a very different rhythm of banter, brand of laughter, and stock of anecdotal shit-talk that I always forget the feeling of until we’re in the middle of it.  The conversation is quick, the quips are classically hilarious, and the volume is about three notches up from the norm.  It’s pretty amazing.  Fantastically loud.  So us.

We’ve all surfed the ups and downs with each other, as you can imagine over the years.  Rivalries, phases, changing interests.  We took sides every now and then, or vowed not to get involved in selective drama.   Sometimes we swore each other off, and other times we showed up to save each other.   It’s the joy and bullshit of life-long friendship.  At any given point over the past 30 years (you heard me… thirty!), there’s been a connection to one another, and we continue the effort still to keep our toes in the group as our lives drift in every direction, having less and less to do with each other.  It’s a struggle, and it’s a gift.  It’s pretty incredible to have gone on this long, to really know each other like no one else outside of our crew, and to value it enough to hang tough through life.  We pay our dues w/ the drama… but the ROI of our friendship pays off every time.

So great to have the ladies over for the afternoon, to just be girls again.  It wasn’t all of us, but for what it’s worth, it still did the trick.  It’s like they said in the bible (I don’t know who said it, or exactly what was said, but it’s kind of like it…) – when two or more of us are together, we’re basically all together.

That’ll do, Hens.  That’ll do.


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