Random: Notes from my Inner Monologue

My mind goes everywhere throughout the day.  While I’m seemingly on-task at any given moment it’s incredibly likely that my actual thought is something non sequitur and random. I spent a week paying special attention to my inner monologue and here’s what it had to say:

Don’t eat all of the red onion in your salad/sandwich.  Wait – check if you have gum first.

Get bangs.  No – don’t get bangs.

You should wear more hats.

You probably don’t need to buy another backpack/purse.

Take up smoking.  It’ll force you to take more breaks.

In 15 minutes you can have an M&M.

I haven’t had a really good cake in a while.  What happened over the holidays?

Commit to your accessories!

After living this long without getting a tattoo, I think I’ll get one just because I’ve earned it.

Walk carefully — you’re wearing white shoes today.

I’m probably burning more calories than I think I am.

My mind as a weird little treasure trove of randomness! I like it.  It’s honest and hilarious, if at least for my own amusement, and that makes it worth paying attention to.

Take a listen to your own inner monologue- does it surprise you?

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