Party on, Wayne

img_0243Earlier this month I’d come across the news that one of my all-time favorite and quotable movies was about to have a milestone birthday.  On 2/7/17, the movie Wayne’s World turned 25.  TWENTY-friggin’-FIVE.

Appropriately, my reaction was, “No way!”

Way.  I did the math, and it’s true.  Can it be?  Is this pop-cultural gem a quarter of a century old?  Older than some of my co-workers, even?  I laughed, I cried… I hurled.

Beyond doing the math, I flashed back to my memories of the movie when it’d first come out.  The movie was a huge vocab-builder, and in an effort to be with it, I incorporated key slang words and phrases into my 6th grade vernacular like “Way!”, “Shyeah, right!”, “Mental”, “Schwing”… the list goes on, and I got them into rotation, whether I understood the phrases or not.  Likely not.  Nevertheless, to my 11-year-old self, this movie was among the first that was fun, silly, but not dumbed-down, which made it cooler for a kid like me to get it.  It seemed age-appropriate, but more on the big-kid/ grown-up side.  It was something of a coming-of-age.  In addition, it also had an Asian leading lady for me to identify with, which strengthened my affinity for it.  Zeng!

It’s certainly worth another watch, if you haven’t in the past 25 years.  Make a movie night out of it!  I’ve mostly seen it in clips here and there, when they’ve aired it on Comedy Central or VH1.  To be able to watch it again in its entirety, and for this milestone, is a real treat.  We’ve just recently graduated this pop-culture favorite in our house to Blue Ray from VHS over Christmas, so we had it available just in time to celebrate!  Excellent.  Still hilarious and fun to this day.  Still part of the vernacular, I realized, after all this time, too.

Happy B-day, Wayne’s World.  Thanks for everything.



While it’s great to unplug and enjoy the natural sounds of your surroundings, it’s nice to escape into some tunes to get you through some of the ho-hum of your day. Or just to help you relax. Similarly, podcasts are a great means of escape, often with compelling stories and conversations to both tickle the intellect and quench the nagging thirst for entertainment.

A few of my faves below… although I’m always discovering and dabbling in other greats…

WTF w/ Marc Maron – a lot of comedian insight, cerebral ranting, deep interviews w/ celebrities… and Obama (in the archives)!

The Great Debates – these guys take on any issue with ridiculous intellectual passion!  Sample topics:  Beer is Better than Wine,  June is Better than July, Keanu Reevs is a Great Actor… sometimes special smart guests BJ Novak and John Mayer.  It’s kind of amazing.

Speaking of amazing…

How to be Amazing – comedian/actor Michael Ian Black interviews some greats from different arenas of success (literature, science, tech, film, politics) to learn that even the most successful peeps struggle and fail in the process of becoming amazing.  If you think you’re amazing, this is humbling.  If you think you’re stupid, this is comforting.

Call Your Girlfrienda podcast for long-distance besties to catch up on politics, internet, pop culture, and social commentary.  Two hella smart ladies tell it like it is in a peer-arena pow-wow.

Girl on Guy – (discontinued, but archives are available) comedian/actor Aisha Tyler (sf local!) is thoughtful and super smart (I would listen for her vocabulary alone – whenever you hear SAT words w/ obscenities, something magical happens), interviewing all kinds of celebrities, humorists, gets down to the personal nitty gritty via sincere storytelling and conversation.

Give ’em a listen!  They totally do that smart-feeling thing you turn to reading The New Yorker for.  Explore topics you always knew how you felt about, but could never articulate.

I’ve always got an ear open for more good listens… what are you listening to these days?

Get Outta Town: Quick trippin 

My new favorite thing is to piggyback onto one of Mike D’s business trips. The destination doesn’t have to be exotic or cosmopolitan. Just the idea of getting out of town and experiencing somewhere new and different is enough! Took a Thursday-Friday off work and flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah. Without doing much research, I was already looking forward to the likes of this clean, modest, quietly-happening town. Its main magnificence, a huge Mormon temple, glowing magestically against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. 

View from the hotel balcony – dope!!!

Mike attended to his work stuffs, and I hit the town on foot, in freezing-cold temperatures and a chance of rain to try to intimidate me. The streets were wide and clean. Maybe it was the snow. Maybe it was the absence of crowding on the sidewalks or the abundance of cars crisscrossing intersections that I expect to encounter in a downtown area. Are businesses even open? It’s so quiet  and still. Yes, open! Just quiet… which I found to be most impressive and enjoyable, in both its calm and simplicity. This isn’t to say, at all, that the place was deserted or boring. No. It was completely manageable, which I will say, in this case, is an extremely high compliment! That alone, already made my SLC experience unique and delightful. 

So, of course there were some things to research to make sure I was going about my experience properly. Food destinations! Scoped out some yelp reviews and took the lead from a Thrillist article or two. I like to make sure I eat well when I’m some place new. Not quantity, but quality, of course… although I shoot for a high quantity of quality, as anyone should ;). This isn’t a food review, but let’s just say that what I ate was satisfying, and where I ate was comfortable and pleasing. And usually Instagram-worthy. 

Publik Kitchen offered a variety of tasty toasts accompanied by healthy leafage
Eva’s Bakery – one of many hot chocolate stops! A pretending-I’m-in-Paris moment.
Doner bother me – I’m eating! Hit-the-spot kebab place called Spitz.

On the second day I got to hit some spots outside of the downtown area. Wanted to browse local boutiques and quirky consignment shops. It was less freezing, so a walk in the cold was actually quite nice. Locals were friendly and helpful when I stopped to ask directions or get advice on where to go next. Loved strolling through some residential streets and imagining the people that lived in all the cute, snow-covered houses. Little things, like the orange flags at crosswalks to make pedestrians more visible, gave me the warm fuzzies about a community culture that valued safety. Adorbs.

These days I do feel a heightened sense of awareness anytime I travel outside the liberal bubble of the SF Bay Area. You never know if walking into a conservative community as a blonde Asian is going to put you in an unwelcoming situation. You also never know how prepared you should be to handle yourself. It’s weird to say I was relieved to not run into any hostility (weird that this is a feeling that I have to anticipate more in this socio-political climate). Even better, as I overheard concerned conversations around current events, and read messages of “no hate and no fear here” in local newspapers and advertisements, I felt warm, akin, safe and sort of touched. I could feel myself sigh and smile, thinking “This is a nice place. I like it here. And the cost of my meal was incredibly reasonable.”

Hoping to take more of these quick, piggyback trips and more inspo-tunities. Are you getting out of town these days?