Party on, Wayne

img_0243Earlier this month I’d come across the news that one of my all-time favorite and quotable movies was about to have a milestone birthday.  On 2/7/17, the movie Wayne’s World turned 25.  TWENTY-friggin’-FIVE.

Appropriately, my reaction was, “No way!”

Way.  I did the math, and it’s true.  Can it be?  Is this pop-cultural gem a quarter of a century old?  Older than some of my co-workers, even?  I laughed, I cried… I hurled.

Beyond doing the math, I flashed back to my memories of the movie when it’d first come out.  The movie was a huge vocab-builder, and in an effort to be with it, I incorporated key slang words and phrases into my 6th grade vernacular like “Way!”, “Shyeah, right!”, “Mental”, “Schwing”… the list goes on, and I got them into rotation, whether I understood the phrases or not.  Likely not.  Nevertheless, to my 11-year-old self, this movie was among the first that was fun, silly, but not dumbed-down, which made it cooler for a kid like me to get it.  It seemed age-appropriate, but more on the big-kid/ grown-up side.  It was something of a coming-of-age.  In addition, it also had an Asian leading lady for me to identify with, which strengthened my affinity for it.  Zeng!

It’s certainly worth another watch, if you haven’t in the past 25 years.  Make a movie night out of it!  I’ve mostly seen it in clips here and there, when they’ve aired it on Comedy Central or VH1.  To be able to watch it again in its entirety, and for this milestone, is a real treat.  We’ve just recently graduated this pop-culture favorite in our house to Blue Ray from VHS over Christmas, so we had it available just in time to celebrate!  Excellent.  Still hilarious and fun to this day.  Still part of the vernacular, I realized, after all this time, too.

Happy B-day, Wayne’s World.  Thanks for everything.


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