Moments of Zen

So important these days to make sure I’m not turning into a stress-bot.  It’s not easy, but it takes little reminders.  I used to think that if I took up smoking I might actually take more breaks and get outside more.  First try other things, I guess.  An alarm on my phone that I set to tell me to stretch.  Post-it notes-to-self to breathe.  Not the most innovative or effective ideas.  But better than nothing. The other day I looked down from my computer screen to a couple of goofball things at my desk.  It was enough to distract me for a second and make me laugh a little.  A sigh.  A smile.  A break!  Some perspective to keep me from the crazy of work.  A little moment of Zen.  Definitely better than nothing.  And it was enough to make me snap out of it, shake off some seriousness, and step away from my desk.

Take more breaks.  They’re pretty great, and generally underrated.  Whether full-on escapes from the cubicle, or just a second to close your eyes and let your mind chill, it’ll make for a better you in the long run.  Be open to a little distraction.  Only take up smoking to get outside as a last resort.

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