Too Productive = Good

Ahoy! And I hope it’s been a productive summer so far for all you Regular Creatives! It’s been a productive one for this one (points to self)… too productive. Lots of fun stuff, but also some of that side-hustle I’d been looking for. That, on top of fam, summer fun, and the regular full-time gig makes for a busy KB. Am I complaining that the creative side-hustle I landed is keeping my nose barely above water? I guess I’m just getting used to the additional grind of it, and the humbling learning curve of how to be productive and be a pro at balancing everything. It’ll take some time, and a lot of practice. But I’m in it to win it! If winning only means giving myself a chance to do something different, then that’s pretty good. If you’re working hard this summer, too, don’t forget to give yourself your own solid effort. And don’t forget to eat ice cream. Treat yourself.